Cardiovascular screening is available to see your heart and arteries at work. Many problems can be identified with our painless non-invasive digital Ultrasound machines. Plaque can be seen in arteries to help in prevention of Strokes. Heart valves, size of chambers, and blood flow can be analyzed. All done in the office by competent Technologists. Certifications exist for Heart, Vascular, Abdomen and OB/Gyn. Ultrasound technology has been proven safe, utilizing only sound waves and no radiation. We often look for Gall & Kidney stones, and can see many liver abnormalities. Dr.Dubin is able to utilize Ultrasound to safely guide injections to back or knee to optimize placement of medicines. Aspiration are done with ultrasound guidance instead of the blind approach. We believe there is an added safety factor to our patients utilizing our digital Ultrasound Technology.